CELTA is the Most Widely Recognised TEFL Qualification Globally

CELTA is asked for by more than 70% of global language teacher employers and by more than 90% in the UK!

CELTA is a University of Cambridge Accredited Qualification

CELTA is accredited by Cambridge English Language Assessment, which is part of the University of Cambridge.

CELTA Has No Expiry Date

CELTA does not expire. This means you will be qualified to teach English for the rest of your life, making it arguably the most valuable TEFL qualification there is.

CELTA Lets You Teach Anywhere

CELTA is recognised by the British Council and it allows you to teach anywhere in the world.

CELTA is Four Weeks Long

CELTA is comparatively short in length when it comes to similar qualifications, taking just four short weeks to complete (five weeks for online courses). After that you’ll be qualified to teach English anywhere in the world.

“The CELTA course exceeded my expectations. Education & Training International provided the best comfort, convenience and friendly atmosphere throughout the working process. Thanks to ETI.”

E. Dondua, ETI CELTA Student

Want to find out more? You can view a list of registered CELTA centres here!